Improvements in the Confero API Documentation

We have added some extra information in the Confero Customer API documentation to offer more precise results when you are using the Knowledge Base: It is now possible to consult the Confero API documentation per CRP version and not just the latest version. The version of the API is also indicated in the document itself.

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New Unite Products

A few weeks ago, Televic launched its new digital communication system, Unite. It can be used in a wide range of applications such as guided tours, wireless presentations, assistive listening, blind coverage, education, interpretation and language distribution. Learn More About Unite You'll find all the information you need about the Unite products and applications on

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New on Confero Cloud: EGOV Connector

On top of the Confero PLAN solution, it is now possible to add the EGOV Connector (ref. 71.98.3120) in order to reuse the meetings prepared in your EGOV software without extra effort. Sync your egov software with Confero PLAN First, import the participants and agenda to Confero PLAN with one push of a button.

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